Alexandrina Houston (nee Silva)

Short, fiery and handy with a fish knife.



A cheery woman on the whole, a little on the short side and maybe a little closer to 30 than she’d admit.

Alexandrina has shortish dark brown hair, being in the business of regularly cooking for others means long hair is a bit of a fuss, she has a slightly olive complexion and a default expression of being at ease.


Being third generation Portuguese has left Alexandrina with an affection for the sea, a rich cultural heritage and a token affiliation with Catholic guilt.

Being the eldest of three sisters, each as outspoken and headstrong as the last, not only sent her parents very prematurely grey, but meant that she inherited her Grandfather’s Diner when it was time for her dad to retire.

Her parents have returned to “the old country” to eat fish and avoid American politics.

Living something of the American dream she married her high school sweetheart right out of the gates with plans of white picket fences and little children. Sadly war got in the way, with her husband Freddie being called off to fight in Korea. A war he sadly did not return from.

Everything being as it is, Alex has taken life in her stride. The Diner and the community that patrons it is her life now, more or less. It’s a pleasant seafront joint frequented by locals, visiting fishermen and dockworkers (perhaps moreso because she gives them a discount), she keeps her family’s recipe for Caldeirada a close secret, the dish continues to be a local favourite to this day.

In 1955 Alex made something of a gamble by investing in a single colour television set, which she mounted high on the wall in the diner so others could come and watch the news or whatever else was on. She often sits up on the counter after hours and watches TV when no one else is around.

Her grandfather is something of a legend in her eyes, he passed when she was about 9 but in those 9 years she absorbed every bit of information from him she could. He taught her to fish, to sail, to swim, to climb, which shells were good to collect and which weren’t, he even got her a bit of quartz from Morro rock which he made into a small good luck charm for Alex.

She can speak English, Portuguese, a little Spanish and a smattering of “Sailor”

She learned to rollerskate when a friend thought it would be a good gimmick for the Diner, but enough coffee got spilled that she felt it wasn’t for them.

Her sister’s are Helen and Christiana, who are both married and planning to start their own families now, but together they run the Diner like a well oiled machine.

Alexandrina likes to swing dance when she gets a chance, enjoys swimming out to sit on the rocks and watch the Whales pass further out off the coast line and besides the Diner her prized possession is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala, sky blue (which she actually co-owns with Helen but Helen has yet to learn to drive).

Alexandrina Houston (nee Silva)

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